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            Upholstery Trimmer
            Upholstery Trimmer Perfect Placement Automotive Recruitment
            Woking, Surrey, England
            Full time
            £30,000 - £40,000
            8 days ago
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            Frequently asked questions

            Vehicle detailers take part in the reconditioning of cars and perform different duties involving improving the cosmetic imperfections. From washing and waxing the exteriors to repairing small cosmetic issues and putting up the paint protection film to give vehicles a shiny and clean look, detailing and PPF technicians prepare the cars for showrooms or give them a new look again.

            Most employers ask for a high school diploma and work experience in Bodyshop for detailing technician jobs. You need to have a driver’s licence and knowledge of the tools and equipment used for detailing and putting up PPF. Strong interpersonal and communication skills are essential for the role. Attention to detail also counts for doing the work efficiently.

            The average per annum salary for detailing technician vacancies varies depending on the factors like the employer, per hour wage, and expertise. These technicians can earn quite well if they have the knack for cosmetically revamping the vehicles. You can get recruited by a detailing workshop as a PPF expert if you know the drill better than other technicians.

            If you have a passion for cleaning cars and making them aesthetically appealing, you will enjoy your work as a vehicle detailer. Wrapping the paint protection film on vehicles is a skill and if you are good at it, you will be assigned more tasks than just doing the waxing and buffing of the exteriors, thus you can earn more.

            Currently, many automotive employers are hiring vehicle detailers. The employment opportunities for this role are likely to increase in the years to come. So, if you want to pursue your career as a detailing technician, the position has promising prospects. Explore the latest advertised posts in the Bodyshop department on InAutomotive!


            Detailing and PPF Technician Job Description

            Vehicle detailing technicians perform the cleaning and aesthetic maintenance of the automobiles. They have to scrupulously inspect the cars to know which areas need detailed cleaning and cosmetic touch-ups. They aren’t required to do the mechanical work though. They check the parts where the paint has been chipped and retouch the areas. Auto detailers are also given the task to install the protective paint film. They have to prepare the vehicle before installation as it needs to be properly placed and fitted. Depending on the PPF brand, following the procedure to have it installed dexterously is in the detailing technician job description. 

            Detailing and PPF Technician Job Responsibilities 

            The responsibilities of detailing technicians include washing and waxing the vehicles thoroughly. They have to treat the car windows and ensure they are all cleaned. The detailers vacuum the car upholstery and surfaces where there is a lot of dirt. They have to comply with the safety and standard procedures of a company when doing the different tasks. They repair the small cosmetic problems within the interior or exterior of the vehicle. They are required to inform the supervisors of any malfunctioning equipment or tools that need to be replaced. Moving the cars to the designated spot after all the detailing work is done is also their responsibility. 

            Skills Required to Build Detailing Technician Careers 

            Vehicle detailing work requires attention to detail, so you need to be good at scanning and examining automobiles. Team effort is required for the role so being a team player will help get the work completed by coordinating with other detailers and supervisors. You ought to have the knowledge and expertise to handle the different tools and equipment. You need to know how the PPF is installed accurately. Communication skills will come in handy for interacting within the team and reaching out to managers and other staff. Search for detailing technician jobs in the UK on InAutomotive and apply to your favourite company with just a few clicks!