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            Frequently asked questions

            You need to have a bachelor’s degree in automotive, electrical or mechanical engineering. Other relevant subjects that graduates can study for pursuing a career as an automotive engineer are engineering design, physics, production, and manufacturing engineering. You will be required to have training or apprenticeship to be eligible for working in the automotive industry.

            Yes, there are promising prospects of working as an automotive engineer, the employment opportunities are diverse and abundant. If you are interested in the field, the hard work will pay off and you will have the chance to work with one of the sought-after automobile employers in the UK looking for engineers in system integration and other areas.

            Designing and testing engines, brake systems, transmissions within a vehicle, and working with fuel technologies is what primarily the automotive engineers do. They use machine tools and software to design automotive systems and test them. They are also involved in conducting research regarding a new idea or improving existing technology.

            The salary for different automotive engineer vacancies varies depending on the employer, job responsibilities, and the experience required for a certain role. Overall, the jobs are quite well-paid including the ones that are for less experienced graduates. Many positions come with perks like health insurance, working as an automotive engineer entitles you to benefits and promotion.

            Just like any other bachelor’s degree, it will take four years to complete the engineering. You can either take up relevant subjects or enrol for an automotive engineering degree. After that, you will need hands-on experience of working with the vehicles to get a job. Looking for jobs in the UK automobile industry? InAutomotive has the latest advertised positions.


            Automotive Engineer Job Description

             Automotive engineers are associated with designing the new vehicles or their parts and modifying or improving the existing ones. They also have to come up with solutions to the design and manufacturing engineering problems. They make sure that a project is completed within the budget utilising their engineering insight and commercial knowledge of the products and technology. Based on interest, they can specialise in a particular area like engines, exhaust systems, and structural design to work in the production, design, or research and development field of the automobile industry. Inspecting the mechanical glitches and identifying their cause can also be in the automotive engineer job description.

            Automotive Engineer Job Responsibilities

            The basic responsibilities of automotive engineers are utilising CAD packages to come up with product design ideas. They have to build prototypes of the products and test their loopholes, safety, and other aspects. They are required to overlook and inspect the installation of mechanical systems in the manufacturing plants. Preparing a costing, timeline plan, and explaining design specifications is also in their job responsibilities. They liaise with suppliers and take care of any supply management issues that need to be resolved quickly along with test-driving vehicles and spotting faults. InAutomotive brings to you the most promising job opportunities by popular automobile employers in the UK!

            Skills Required for Building an Automotive Engineer Career

            For building automotive engineer careers, you need to have an inclination toward motor vehicle engineering. Technical proficiency and being adept at the applications used within production and design are also essential for the role. Effective time management and organisation skills are required for this position. You must be well-acquainted with the most recent industry and engineering trends to excel at your work. Flexibility is important for an automotive engineer as the working hours can exceed beyond the mentioned ones. The ability to take up new challenges and work under pressure will help you with proving your worth and doing better.