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Why a career in the automotive industry is ideal

When somebody tells you that he works in the automotive industry, the first thing that usually comes to your mind is, “Ah, he’s a mechanic.” What you may not know, however, is that the automotive industry is flowing with fun and exciting career possibilities.

There are so many things that you can do when you work in an automotive company. You can choose to focus on automotive engineering or decide to get involved in the manufacturing process. If you like talking to people, and about cars, working in an automotive showroom will be best for you.

You can also build engines and assemble cars, or maybe you prefer auto painting or car audio system installation? The automotive industry is versatile and offers many opportunities for personal and career growth. 

In the United Kingdom, the automotive industry is worth over £78 billion and employs more or less 180,000 directly. According to Statista, from 731,000 in 2013, the number of people employed in the UK automotive sector significantly increased to 823,000 in 2019. 

These numbers are not the only reasons anybody with the qualifications should consider starting a career in the automotive industry.


What the automotive industry has to offer


1.The automotive industry offers job security and a positive career outlook

No matter what the global situation may be, the automotive industry will always be around. There will always be cars, pickups, trucks, and other automobiles running in the streets and highways.

Thus, you are always assured that you have a job or a business. 


2.The automotive industry offers versatility

If you do not want to sell cars, there are other areas you can focus on. For example, if you like tinkering with vehicles, you can work as a mechanic or open your own repair shop. You may also want to consider working at a car manufacturing company and establish a career in building or assembling vehicles.

You can even open an automotive showroom. If there are too many of them where you are, you can move to the next town or city and start your business there. 

Exploring your options is also a good idea, especially if you want to improve professionally. Many of those who have been working in the industry for years did not start with their dream job, but they continuously worked hard and allowed themselves to improve their skills by grabbing every opportunity that went their way.

Some of the most popular automotive careers include sales and marketing, mechanical engineer, machinist, paint technician, service technician, repair shop owner, showroom manager, and parts professional.


3.The automotive industry offers personal and career growth

The versatility of the automotive industry opens many doors for both personal and career growth. You can start your career working as a sales professional in a showroom and rise in the ranks after a few months. You can even choose to try out different areas of expertise. 

Also, since the industry relies a lot on technology, changes are always inevitable. This means you can continue learning and improving even as you are building a career. You can join workshops and training programs, and you can even go back to school.

There is always room for growth in the automotive industry, especially for someone who is highly skilled and dedicated. As you move along in your professional journey, you’ll find a lot of opportunities to discover more of yourself as well.

Thus, you grow personally and professionally. As such, the industry offers a promising outlook for anyone looking for something good and stable. 


4.The automotive industry offers good salaries

In England, automotive industry workers’ annual salaries range from more or less £40,000 (the lowest) to over £88,000. The highest possible annual wage is approximately £250,000.

Although the salaries vary from one career or area to another, these figures are the common averages. While these salaries will not make a millionaire out of you, they guarantee a steady and dependable income.  


5.The automotive industry has a bright future

Since it is technology-driven, the automotive industry is always moving forward. There is always something new – electric cars, self-driven cars, wireless and mobile components integration, and anything innovative that can help make the driving and auto-owning experience safer and more convenient. 

If you happen to like cars, driving, and technology, the automotive industry is a magical place for you. A career in automotive is a noble profession. It does not guarantee you millions in salaries, nor will it make you famous.

What a career in the automotive industry can give you, though, are personal and professional growth, satisfaction, and success. 


Author Lauren Bricks is the Content Specialist for Streetfighter Motorsports LLC, a family-operated car audio and accessory installation, sales and customisation facility located in Phoenix, Arizona. – Photo by Oli Woodman on Unsplash