By Rumaan 25 Jul 2022 7 min read

5 simple dealership improvements to suggest to your boss!

The best employees are those that find ways to improve the business. Suggesting effective dealership improvements can go a long way if you want to make an impression on your boss.

Unless you’re in an upper management position, you’d probably overstep your boundaries by recommending large investments or company directions. Still, even minor adjustments can have a big impact. 

Here are five simple dealership improvements you can suggest to impress your boss.


1. Refresh your social media pages

One of the most effective simple changes you can suggest is to revamp the dealership’s social media presence. This is easy to overlook, but 60% of small businesses have seen improved sales from marketing on these platforms, and 88% have increased their exposure.

Making the most of social media can cover more than just running ads on Facebook. Suggest posting more often, interacting with other users or participating in trends to draw more online attention. If you have an active social media page, you can use it to show how the dealership can improve its presence.


2. Streamline internal processes

Another effect dealership improvement you can suggest is making back-office work more efficient. There are almost always ways to streamline internal processes. Look for any points that slow things down in your workflow and brainstorm ways they could change.

Standardisation and digitisation are some of the most frequently effective steps here. Utilising digital tools instead of paper alternatives and using the same solution across tasks and employees can make it easier to accomplish things faster. You’ll then have more time to spend with potential customers.


3. Address your curb appeal

You should never judge a book by its cover, but almost everyone does when it comes to brick-and-mortar businesses. How the dealership looks from the outside has a considerable impact on attracting customers, and even simple changes can make a big difference.

Consider cleaning the building’s outside or lighting the sign better. You could also plant bright flowers or hang seasonal decorations to help the dealership stand out from other nearby businesses. Volunteering to make these changes will show initiative, and doing it could increase foot traffic from customers.


4. Revisit the dealership’s playlist

Another simple but effective dealership improvement is paying attention to the music you play. The car-buying process can be long, and many people find it tedious. It will seem even more so if they don’t like the music playing in the waiting room or repeatedly hear the same songs.

Create or find a playlist full of popular songs and ensure it’s long to avoid repetition. You should also bounce between different lists to keep it fresh. When the holidays come around, playing a seasonal playlist will help add some variety and make the business feel more friendly.


5. Give the waiting room a makeover

You can go further to make the interior more pleasant by refreshing the waiting room. Suggest replacing the furniture if it’s old or uncomfortable. Consider adding water coolers, snack machines, TVs and reading material to help customers relax and feel catered to.

Fixing any issues like leaky pipes or dirty spots will help, too. Winter is the perfect time for routine maintenance indoors if you don’t have the time for frequent fixes. Suggesting and volunteering for these changes will help keep customers comfortable and happy, ultimately improving sales.


Make an impression with these dealership improvements.

These dealership improvements are simple enough to require minimal investment but effective enough to make a noticeable difference. Consequently, suggesting these to your boss can highlight your vision and initiative. Your career at the dealership could thrive just because you spoke up.

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Author: Oscar Collins, Modded Founder and Editor-in-Chief