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5 Qualities For Every Great HGV Driver


A HGV driving job might be the job for you if you like the freedom of the open road and enjoy working independently.

Although most individuals can drive a car with only a little practice, becoming an excellent HGV driver requires a specialised skill set that not everyone possesses. Check out these pointers to get your foot on the career ladder as a HGV driver today.


Interpersonal skills:


Although HGV driving may be lonely at times, you are representing your organisation when dealing with clients during the course of your deliveries. When coming to a collection or drop-off area, it is critical to be personable, courteous, and helpful.

An unpleasant or rude driver might persuade a customer to look for similar services elsewhere if they have a negative experience with them.

Customer service abilities and effective communication in a pleasant yet professional manner are important talents for an HGV driver but they are frequently neglected.


Working with minimal supervision:


You need a great deal of personal independence as an HGV driver, especially for long-distance activities. The lucrative career attracts many people to join HGV training In Edinburgh ,that comes with great freedom and subsequent great responsibility.

It’s critical to keep a professional demeanour and maintain complete control of your vehicle and products at all times.

Since you are ultimately responsible for any losses or missed deliveries. If you’re the kind of person who gets bored easily and needs to be constantly told what to do in order to stay focused, HGV driving is not for you!


Physical and Mental fitness:


A large portion of the work is physical fitness. It’s crucial to be in excellent condition enough to efficiently load and unload products from your truck. It’s important to keep track of the time and avoid delays in order to make sure your day runs smoothly.

If deliveries take longer than expected, your entire driving schedule for the remainder of the day could be thrown off.

Long-haul driving requires both physical and mental endurance, and drivers must be ready to maintain their attention for the entire trip.

Eyesight and quick reactions are critical to becoming a fantastic HGV driver and they make the difference between a successful delivery and thousands of pounds of ruined items, bodily harm, or even death.



Time Management:


As a truck driver, your schedule is organised around scheduled pickups and deliveries at RDCs.

It’s critical to plan ahead if you’re going to provide services, especially during the busy holiday season. Missing deliveries and dissatisfied clients may result in financial losses as well as damage to your brand’s reputation.

Being organised and a great timekeeper are critical components of the driver position, as is anticipating any unforeseen events. Keep an eye on your car’s maintenance and try to anticipate any snags, such as traffic or diversions, to stay on track for the day.


Excellent Driving Techniques:


Finally, while it may appear to be so, to be a HGV driver necessitates excellent driving talents! HGV drivers must have a clean licence and demonstrate strong road knowledge in order to do their tasks effectively and safely.

Having a good understanding of your surroundings, such as other vehicles on the road, is also an important talent when driving.

You must drive safely in order to safeguard yourself, your cargo, and members of the public.


How to apply for a HGV driver job:


It is critical to note that before applying for HGV truck driver jobs, you must have the required driving accreditation and must satisfy certain criteria.

You must also be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate the car.

You can get your provisional HGV driving licence and work towards earning your Driver CPC Qualification Card with the Driver Professional Conduct and Fitness (DPCF) check.


Working hours for HGV Drivers:


To ensure that you don’t overwork yourself and can drive safely at all times of day or night in all weather conditions, HGV are subject to the Working Time Directive as well as the Tachograph rules.

You can put in nine hours each day or drive 10 hours every two days, however. Overall, you may work 56 hours weekly or 90 hours in a two-week period.

You’ll also need to follow rules regarding resting and taking breaks to maintain your physical and mental health. Take at least 45 minutes of rest for every four and a half hours of driving, and make sure you get at least 45 hours of sleep every week.

For some HGV driver jobs, temporary stays may be required.

HGV driving jobs are among the most lucrative in the UK today. With the industry facing a shortage, joining a driving school for lessons to become an HGV driver is a great idea!


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