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5 Myths about an automotive career you’ve probably believed – busted!


Picture this, you’re driving down the motorway when suddenly, a weird rumble starts to get louder, and a funny smell of burnt something starts going up your nose. Before you know it, your car is slowing down before coming to a full stop, black smoke coming out of the front, you’ve got beeps and flashing buttons in front of you, and you don’t know what’s wrong.

It is everyone’s worst nightmare to have their car break down in the middle of the road. Let’s be honest, even doing the oil change sounds hard! Thankfully we have auto-mechanics who can help us deal with these issues.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation regarding what a career in the automotive industry looks like. As needed and vital as mechanics are, a lot of prospective students have a lot of doubts and believe a lot of myths floating around about what their lives would look like if they chose this career path.

This article reviews 5 urban legends about the automotive career, it’s not all about grease, gears, and garages!


Auto professionals don’t make a good salary

Let’s mean business- many say working in automobile repair doesn’t pay well. Whoever said that has never had to replace their car’s gearbox! In all seriousness, it’s very feasible to make a very good living in the automotive field of work.

“Whilst it is true that you may need to start with an entry-level wage, depending on your location, progression, and of course the overall business revenue, you have the potential to dramatically increase your wages after some time working in the industry,” says Ellen Collins, a recruiter at Elite assignment help.


Automotive work is dirty

Another myth is that if you chose the automotive industry, you’re doomed to a job stuck in a garage, covered in musk and grease, repairing the same old cars time and time again. This is a complete misconception! It’s true that some professionals work in garages and like to get down and dirty but this isn’t the only avenue to pursue.

Depending on your interests you can specialize in different fields and exploit your talents. For example, if you’re interested in specialty construction, many establishments could be a great fit for you to explore your creativity where the job may not be exclusively hands-on. Other jobs in the field include estimator, parts manager, or service advisor.


The automotive industry is only for men

Speaking of getting down and dirty, it’s also a common misconception that working with cars is only for men who don’t mind running their clothes and getting their hair dirty. Let’s be very clear about this, working in the automotive field is based on your passion for repairing and servicing cars and helping your customers.

It is not based on your gender. Long gone are the days where cars are for boys and barbies are for girls. The opportunities are abundant for women in the industry and gender will never be a deciding factor in your success in the field.


You need a university degree to get a job in the field

Some are worried that pursuing the correct certification to enter the field means enrolling in a university full-time course. This is generally untrue. Whilst you could go to university to prepare for a job in the industry, this is not at all necessary.

“There are plenty of courses, apprenticeship programs, and qualifications you can pursue that are significantly cheaper, shorter in time, and more accessible than university and will leave you just as qualified, if not more!

Qualified professionals are always in high demand, so you won’t have to worry about being out of luck when you finish” says John Yells, an HR manager at Big Assignments.


It’s a boring job

Finally, and probably the most prevalent myth is that realistically, repairing and maintaining cars is boring and not engaging. This is so far from the truth! A day in the auto career is varied and engaging, with a plethora of different duties such as interacting with clients, conducting diagnostic work, and problem-solving. Sounds a lot more interesting than the average office job!

Every job has its myths and misconceptions floating around it, and the automotive industry is no exception. Knowing a little more about the realities of the field and busting those old stereotypes is important to make the right decision for you and your future job prospects!


Author Elizabeth Hines is a staff writer and researcher at Boom Essays and Lia Help. She worked as an online recruiter for high-profile corporations, before going freelance and pursuing a degree in counselling and creative writing. You can read more of her work at OX Essays.



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