By Debbie Holden 13 May 2019 5 min read

5 Incredible Benefits to Achieving a Driver CPC Certificate


If you had a job within the public transportation or haulage industry in the past, you’ be aware that you didn’t need any special CPC training. The legislation, however, changed very recently in the UK and continental Europe, meaning driver CPC training was now required. This change in the rules means that if you are looking to start a career in bus, coach or even lorry driving, you need to obtain Driver CPC certification, in addition to the correct driver’s license for the transport vehicle.

Aside from meeting the legal requirements for a professional driver, there are a number of other benefits to achieving a driver CPC certificate, that we will look at in the post below.



Makes You A Safer And Better Driver

Obtaining driver CPC certification will transform you into a safer and better driver. Not only will it help to reduce the increasingly high number of road-related causalities that occur every year in the country, it will help you to do your part to protect those most at risk on the road, including pedestrians, motorcyclists cyclists (especially children) and the elderly. You will also help lower the number of money employers and business owners lose as a result of these accidents and the amount they have to pay out for repairs.

If you are simply looking to sharpen up your driving abilities and skills in general, one great way to do this is by participating in driver CPC training.



Opens The Door For Employment Opportunities:

It was noted at the outset that driver CPC training is essential if you want a job in the haulage and transport sector driving a bus, coach or lorry. This is an opportunity worth seriously considering if you are looking for a change of job, for example, because there is high demand for people with the necessary abilities and qualifications to take on positions as lorry, coach and bus drivers.






Educates You How To Increase Your Awareness And Be Healthier as a Driver: 

Being healthy and alert at all times is something that drivers, in general, should be concerned about. But when you are in charge of a larger, bulkier vehicle as opposed to a standard car, this is essential. CPC driver courses educate participants about fatigue, stress and related effects and symptoms. They also deal with general health, lifestyle and eating habits to make sure you are alert and healthy when you are on the road. 



Environmentally Beneficial:

It has been shown that the fuel consumption of the country can be reduced by as much as 9.5% when drivers have the very best qualifications, training and certification. As this helps to reduce the carbon emissions and carbon footprint of the country, driver CPC training is obviously very beneficial to the environment. When drivers are trained properly to understand how the vehicle they drive works and how to drive them more efficiently, everyone wins.



Economically Beneficial:

As well as the noted benefits to the environment, driver CPC certification and training financially benefits employees and companies. When drivers do not use as much fuel, there is less money spent in general by the employers and employees. Driver CPC training also educates you on how to take advantage of load transportation better, an essential skill when working in the haulage industry.

As we hopefully have outlined to you, there are a number of very good benefits you can avail yourself of as a driver by participating in a driver CPC training course. Not only is there the prospect of an increased number of career opportunities, which may be of interest to you if you are looking to change your job, it can also set you apart from other candidates running for the same position. Employers will look at your CV and take into consideration you have another string to your bow that others may not have. 

At the very least, if you specifically want to work in the transport or haulage industry, driver CPC certification is not just something that is nice to have – it’s a legal necessity. To top it all off, this one piece of certification can transform you into a more eco-friendly, alert, safer and overall better driver. 



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