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What is it like to be a SMART repair technician


We hear from Wayne Beardmore, a SMART repair technician who works for his own company, Damage Undone.

We asked Wayne some questions to find out more about what he does in his role, his career highlights, challenges, and advice for those in the automotive industry.


Why did you choose to pursue an automotive career?

He was inspired by his father who used to be in the automotive industry, having moved from Africa to the UK, Wayne said he noticed a considerable difference in demand for his skill over here in the UK and so he decided to re-train as a SMART repairer.

What has been a highlight of your career so far?

The highlight of his career so far was in 2020 when he was invited by the owner of Symach Osvaldo Bergaglio, to visit Italy, make some videos and run some tests. Wayne said this was an overall amazing experience. 

Have you faced any challenges in your career? 

As to be expected, he said every day is a challenge as can be found in any job but that the biggest challenge for SMART repairers would likely be the up-and-coming introduction of electric vehicles.

An overview of what you do on an average day?

He starts work around 7:00 am having prepped a car ready the evening before. He will then close the shop around 2:00 pm to focus on painting cars which often ends around 4:00-6:00 pm. He stated that no one day is the same. 

What are your goals/plans for your future?

His future goals are to be the best at what he can and what he does. He would like to also focus more on motorbike parts and plastic welding, as this is something he loves. 

Wayne also wants to continue educating others on the processes within the industry and on the new products/services that are coming out onto the market. 



What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a SMART technician?

His advice is that you have got to love the job. He stated that SMART repairs are vastly changing and so it is important to do your research and see if the new technology to be released is likely to affect the industry.


Find out more about Wayne on: LinkedIn / YouTube / Instagram

Image and video source: by Wayne Beardmore 


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