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5 Must-Have Skills to Become an Electric Car Technician


As the era of electric and hybrid cars will prevail soon, there is a lack of qualified technicians to work on such cars. The traditional gasoline-based vehicles are still running the roads, but with the rapid development in the automotive industry, people will soon switch to low-polluting wheels. However, with every solution, there comes a problem. Here, you will find out how that problem is a golden opportunity for you and what skills you will need in terms of professional growth and career as an electric car technician.


The Problem:


With the growing number of EVs (All-electric vehicles) annually, the number of EV technicians is not enough. This is because vehicles that run on petrol are so traditional that in every second alley, you will find a mechanic that’s an expert without even working at a garage. If you replace the conventional insides of a car with electric & electronic stuff, no simple mechanic would dare touch the upgraded car’s internal system.

A similar thing is happening today. You can’t find a qualified EV technician so easily. Therefore, if you are interested in the automotive industry and car maintenance, there’s an opportunity for you.


Following are the skills that you will need to become a top-class electric car technician:


Electric & Mechanical Diagnostic:


It looks like EVs operate on electric means, but you must acquire mechanical diagnostic skills too. Because the mechanical functions still exist, only the means to operate your car count in electrical. The basics of the car will remain the same.

However, if you’ve got experience in dealing with fully mechanical cars, you only have to get an automotive technology program certification or an associate degree. That’s the least eligibility criteria to enter the highly demanded electric car technician job market.


 Analytical & Troubleshooting:


You have read this term on computers and laptops. Now, troubleshooting skills are required in electric cars too. A traditional mechanic doesn’t know how to troubleshoot EVs because of the intricacy of the car’s internal architecture.

Even if the manufacturers simplify the electric structure, the old-school mechanic may never pinpoint the actual problem. You must have analytical skills backed with troubleshooting so that you may identify the problem in EV cars and solve them. Today, this doesn’t happen only in the IT sector, mind that!


Industry Software:


When there is an electrical and electronic system, you better equip yourself with relevant upgraded software. Like the trending OBD (On-board diagnostics) toolkit, you must be familiar with such a package to deal with software-related issues.

Sometimes, the e-car is performing best, but the diagnostic tool is on error. So, you must be mindful of how to diagnose such tools. There are a number of products available in the market that use similar technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to execute tasks automatically.


 Data Visualisation


This one is from a business perspective. We all know that electric cars are popular in the media for now. According to an automobile expert (who worked at Ford, Nissan, and Chevrolet), there will be billions of electric cars on the roads by 2050. This gives us 29 years, to be precise.

As the business will spread in moderately-developed countries, so much data will be gathered. You have a chance to study data science and become an expert in data visualisation so that you can study the pattern of electric cars’ performance and highlight what obstacle is hindering your EV’s efficiency.


EV Gadgets:


Being an expert in EV gadgets has various benefits. Although you don’t have a complete know-how of how an electric car works, you can equip yourself with knowledge about EV auto parts. By doing so, you are eligible to partner with an electric car technician, and while he is performing diagnosis, you verify how the basic and critical auto parts are performing.

You can include controllers, batteries, inverters, even light bulbs and mirrors in that.




If you have an honest interest in automotive mechanics, then pursuing a career as an electric car technician will be the smartest choice. The opportunities are big due to the growing numbers of EVs on the roads.

A typical car mechanic is not qualified enough to handle the control boards and IC-equipped car structures. This gives you multiple opportunities, from being a core e-car technician to data scientist and EV gadget specialist.


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