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Showing 17 jobs

Used Car Sales Executive Jobs

Direct Employer Used Car Sales Executive Inchcape United Kingdom £35,000 - £40,000
Direct Employer Used Car Sales Executive Marshall Motor Group Cambridge, England, United Kingdom
Used Car Sales Executive ACS Automotive Tonbridge, Kent, South East £60,000 - £80,000
Direct Employer Used Van Sales Executive Marshall Motor Group Andover, England, United Kingdom
Prestige Used Car Sales Executive ACS Automotive Recruitment Brighton, East Sussex, South East £50,000 - £55,000
Used Car Sales Executive Square Peg Square Hole Recruitment Ltd Southampton, Hampshire, South East £50,000 - £50,001
Used Car Sales Executive Vospers Torquay, England, United Kingdom £45,000 - £50,000
Used Car Sales Executive Vospers Torquay, England, United Kingdom £45,000 - £50,000
Used Car Sales Executive Vospers Plymouth, England, United Kingdom £45,000 - £50,000
Used Car Sales Executive Vospers Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

Used car sales executives demonstrate and elucidate the features of the pre-owned vehicles. They handle customer relationships by addressing queries and concerns through email and phone calls. They have to make sure that the dealership standards are well-maintained and products and services are delivered in an efficient and professional manner.

Most employers don’t ask for a particular degree to apply to used car sales executive jobs, if you have relevant certification and experience it will give your application an added advantage. You are not eligible to apply for the position without a full UK driving licence. Willingness to learn, flexibility and resilience are also required for the role.

The average per annum salary for used car sales executive vacancies varies depending on the employer, working hours, and on-target earnings. The sales executives working in the used car department can earn quite well by achieving the targets. Many automobile companies offer benefits like paid holidays and health insurance for the position.

The most common interview questions asked for used vehicle sales executive jobs are “tell us about yourself”, “why you want to pursue a career in sales”, “give details about your sales experience”, “what is your most worth cherishing memory related to sales” and “what makes you an ideal candidate for this job.”

If you have always longed to work in the automobile industry’s sales department and you have an interest in used cars, the job is likely to be gratifying. You can learn and improve your qualification and skills being a sales executive to boost the chances of getting promoted. Explore the sales jobs in car companies around you on InAutomotive!


Used Car Sales Executive Job Description

Used car sales executives have to come up with sales pitches and strategies for selling pre-owned cars. They have to manage the finance and insurance products too. They demonstrate the features of vehicles to potential customers and explain the benefits of purchasing them in a persuasive manner. They have to plan the display of the used vehicles and make sure that the sales staff is aware of the new inventory and advertising campaigns. Helping the sales team close deals and achieve their goals is also in the used car sales executive job description. The used vehicles sales executives have to devise and implement delivery procedures. 

Used Car Sales Executive Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of used car sales executives include managing customer communications and relationships. They have to overlook the delivery of products and services and ensure that the quality standards of a dealership aren’t compromised. They check if the potential customers are being followed-up and sales staff are meeting their monthly and yearly targets. They can be asked to conduct the training for the sales team. Motivating and monitoring the performance of the team is also the responsibility of used vehicles sales executives. They have to determine and implement the product-knowledge standards and handle the gross and key expenses in a month. 

Skills Required to Build Used Car Sales Executive Careers 

Excellent communication skills are needed for the position as you have to interact with the customers and sales staff. Determination, resilience, and people skills are also required for the role. You need to be presentable and a team player to excel at selling and encouraging the sales team to give their best. Being adaptable and emotionally intelligent will aid you in giving your best. Time management and organisation skills will come in handy for this job. You need to be customer-focused and a good listener to fit in the role. Check InAutomotive for the latest sales job listings by top automotive employers in the UK!