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Showing 1 Tyre Fitter job(s) in North Yorkshire
Showing 1 job(s) in North Yorkshire

Tyre Fitter Jobs

£22,000 - £35,000 David Dexters Shropshire, West Midlands, UK
Direct Employer
Direct Employer Tyre Fitter National Tyres & Autocare Harrogate, North Yorkshire, Yorkshire

Frequently asked questions

In tyre fitter jobs, you will be responsible for all the maintenance and operation related to tyres, as a part of motorsports. A tyre fitter, as the name implies, is in charge of replacing, repairing, and operating the tyres of different automotive vehicles.

Before looking for tyre fitter jobs, you should know that it might not be too financially rewarding for you. On average, the tyre fitter salary can be considered decent but the bottom ten percent can earn as low as those below the national average salary. But this difference can also be accounted for by factors such as expertise and experience.

In your tyre technician jobs, you will be in charge of different aspects of tyre mechanics like repairing, replacement, maintenance, and smooth operation of the tyres. The job includes some hands-on procedures as well as those that are facilitated by machines.

Although there is no set degree for the tyre fitter jobs, you still need to have the required diplomas in this field. These diplomas can be gained after your high school education from vocational training centres. These qualifications will also make you qualified to gain all the pertinent certifications.

A trainee’s salary is not fixed. It tends to change, depending upon various factors like geographical region, education, and your vocational institutions. If you still want to know more about tyre fitter jobs, you should go to InAutomotive.


Tyre Fitter Job Description 

Before applying for tyre fitter jobs, you should know all about its pros and cons and weigh them against each other. In order to be eligible for the job of a tyre fitter, you are required a certain education and training. This education is usually a high school diploma. After that, you can get your training diplomas from any of the vocational centres that offer such programs in auto mechanics. These diplomas will be the required certification for this job. The skills that you have been taught during your training will become useful later on in your career as a tyre fitter. 

Tyre Fitter Job Responsibilities 

Having knowledge about your job responsibilities prior to your job is a really useful thing. So before you apply for the tyre fitter jobs, you should know all about the responsibilities that come with it. During your career as a tyre fitter, you will be needed to do all sorts of procedures regarding a tyre’s mechanics. A tyre fitter is the person who is in charge of precise and accurate fitting of the tyre to various vehicles. But this is not the only aspect of this job. The job also includes carrying out different procedures such as checking the quality, and suspension of the tyres. You also need to make sure that all the records and documentation is completed accurately. 

Skills Required For Building Tyre Fitter Career 

The skills that you have acquired during your training will come handy later on in tyre fitter jobs. These skills include knowledge of mechanics, electronics, and electrical systems. You should also be in possession of extraordinary precision and accuracy in the dexterity of mechanical stuff. You should also have the ability to give a vehicle proper maintenance and operation. As the job includes carrying out strenuous procedures by hand, you should be physically fit and have a lot of stamina. Time management and planning skills are also preferred. InAutomotive will provide you with all the latest motorsports job postings in the Automotive industry.