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Trade Plate Driver Jobs

Direct Employer Trade Plate Driver BCA Bicester, Oxfordshire, South East

Frequently asked questions

Trade plate drivers pick up and deliver vehicles for a living, hence the title. They use a unique set of registration plates to let the police and other drivers know that they are using the vehicle in their official capacity. These plates are known as the 'trade plate.'.

Workers in the automotive industry who temporarily own a car (or vehicles) can use trade plates to drive and move them without first taxing and registering them. Motor traders save money and time as a result of this. To find out about the trade plate driver jobs, visit InAutomotive.

The monthly earning of a trade plate driver UK depends upon several factors, such as job location, years of experience in the field, customer flow, brand name, and other factors. Given the facts, the career growth prospects in this field are promising, and the demand for the trade plate drivers is increasing day by day.

Although previous experience as a Collection/Delivery Driver is not required. However, the employers expect the candidates to have a professional demeanour and a thorough understanding of UK roadways and routes which can be really helpful for this job.

In order to be covered by insurance, you must be at least 23 years old. To become a driver, you must have more than two years of UK driving experience with less than 6 points on driving licence (not EU). It is also necessary that you have not had any moving violations on your licence in the previous five years.


Trade Plate Driver Job Description

According to the trade plate driver job description, the candidate must transform into a professional vehicle collection, inspection, and delivery driver, since these drivers are the organisation's face. Many employers prefer the trade plate driver to have prior driving experience. However, it is not necessary. This requirement varies from employer to employer. Usually, the employers pay for the initial training. You must be adaptable to the environment. The drivers must also be able to collaborate with the Allocator to optimise the trip planning. Many employers of the trade plate driver also offer a free payroll service, tax advice, and counselling. A professional attitude, understanding of UK roads are required. 

Trade Plate Driver Job Responsibilities 

Since the trade plate drivers primarily work from home, their job responsibilities include arranging their own transportation for the small distances between drop-off and pick-up points. The employer also holds you accountable and responsible for the collection, inspection and delivery of vehicles with trade plates from one location to another anywhere in the UK. It is usually part of the daily responsibilities. Many companies are now using technology handheld systems devices. These are generally used to complete vehicle assessments. Additionally, these devices serve as satellite navigation phones and digital cameras for imaging. This job can be exhausting since it requires long hours of driving.

Skills Required to Build A Trade Plate Driver Career

As the name of the profession suggests, the driver is expected to Be a pro behind the wheel. The candidate must be good at maintaining focus in the long hours of driving. They must be able to communicate effectively with the customers and team members to ensure effective task fulfilment. The drivers must also pay close attention to the smallest of details to avoid any inconvenience or mishaps. They must be courteous and assist customers in the best manner possible. Strong customer service skills are required because the trade plate drivers will frequently meet with customers to deliver the automobile personally. Visit the website InAutomotive to get all the relevant details about the trade plate driver vacancies.