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Showing 3 job(s)

Plant Fitter Jobs

Direct Employer Vehicle Technician Redde Northgate Norwich, Norfolk, East £25,000 - £30,000
Direct Employer Mechanic Redde Northgate Norwich, Norfolk, East £25,000 - £30,000
Direct Employer Mechanic Redde Northgate Norwich, Norfolk, East £25,000 - £30,000

Frequently asked questions

The average salary in plant fitter jobs is expected to lie someplace in the middle of the pay scale. The average or the median salary is not fixed. It depends upon various factors such as expertise ,the level of experience, type of employer and the geographical location.

A plant fitter, as part of Aftersales & services, serves to ensure the maintenance and smooth operation of the heavy equipment and machinery. This machinery is used on construction plants where the automotive equipment is manufactured. They also undertake the task of fitting the equipment for vehicles.

If you want to become a mobile plant fitter, there is no requirement of formal education. What you need, however, is a certain level of training. This training can be gained through an apprenticeship or any other training program. This will give you the certifications that make you eligible for the job.

The duration of the training course for plant fitter is variable. It can vary from one institution to another. But usually the general period of time is six months. During the training, you learn all the basics of mechanics and technical skills required for fitting the vehicle components. Explore InAutomotive for latest aftersales jobs in the uk .

Before stepping into the professional field, the apprenticeship will prepare you for the job. You will be taught different skills that are demanded later on in your job. These skills will include everything from working as a maintenance worker to the dealing of finest details related to the fitting and operating of the machinery.


Plant Fitter Job Description 

Before applying for the plant fitter vacancies, you should have a fair idea about what this job means for you. This job is one of those jobs in the automotive industry that require no degree. A plant fitter is not required to have any formal education. There are training schools that offer training courses and programs. You can get enrolled in any of these training courses or apprenticeships. Here, you will be taught skills which you will practice when you start your career. As a plant fitter, you will work on the automobile maintenance site and possess technical knowledge and skills for fitting and assembling the parts for automobiles. 

Plant Fitter Job Responsibilities 

In this profession, you will need to support and keep up with all the weighty hardware and apparatus utilised on development plants for the vehicles. The work can be very fluctuating and can include  hardware like diggers and tractors to a crane. The fitter will support the machine and supplant or fix any flawed parts. Plant fitters also keep a close eye on the mechanical, pressure driven, pneumatic, electrical and electronic parts of development hardware. They ensure that the fitting of vehicle components is flawless so it doesn’t impact the overall performance and structural framework of the vehicle. Visit InAutomotive and apply for the Aftersales & Service jobs in the UK.

Skills Required For Building Plant Fitter Career

In plant fitter jobs, you will require a respectable degree of wellness and be acceptable with their hands. A decent amount of information on Health and Safety is additionally significant. Because of the idea of the work, being a decent issue solver is a vital ability to have the option to analyse and fix the shortcomings. Plant fitters ought to have great relational abilities to pay attention to the client and clarify the work that is required. They should likewise be happy with working both as a feature of a group and furthermore all alone.