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Showing 6 jobs

PDI Technician Jobs

PDI Vehicle Technician Vospers Exeter, England, United Kingdom
PDI Technician Richard Abson Group Manchester, Greater Manchester, North West £25,000 - £30,000
PDI Technician Colin Pybus Liverpool, England, United Kingdom From £25,417
Direct Employer Preparation Technician Inchcape Crewe, Cheshire, North West £30,015 - £32,415
Direct Employer Preparation Technician Inchcape Halesowen, West Midlands, UK £30,015 - £32,415
PDI Technician ACS Automotive Dartford, Kent, South East £23,000 - £27,000

Frequently asked questions

PDI technicians do the inspection of vehicles for assessing the obvious damage and finding out the missing components. They examine the vehicles to see if there are any loose or misaligned doors or hardware. Their job includes recording the problems and providing the acceptance or acknowledgement slip for the delivered vehicles.

Some employers may not require a degree to apply for pdi technician jobs but some may ask for an apprenticeship or main dealer background. You need to have the technical expertise and experience to do the repair and servicing of vehicles. There are courses that you can take up in automotive engineering or repair to become a PDI technician.

The average per annum salary of PDI technicians differs based on the factors like an employer, job responsibilities, working hours and experience. Overall, these technicians get paid well and are entitled to benefits like monthly bonuses, holiday allowance, manufacturer incentives and discounts on products and services.

There are promising prospects for PDI technician careers at the moment, the employment opportunities are expected to get even better in the coming years. If you are thinking about seeking an apprenticeship programme to work in the pre-delivery inspection department as a technician, you can build a bright future in this field.

If you have the knack to work with vehicles, getting enrolled on an automobile service and repair programme will not be difficult for you. Like every job, you have to put in the dedication and hard work to gain experience and do better. Easily apply for technicians and other jobs in the automotive industry through InAutomotive!


PDI Technician Job Description

The PDI technicians are required to do the service and repair of vehicles accurately and skillfully. They have to diagnose the faults in addition to the obvious ones to ensure all the repairs are made timely and efficiently. They have to meticulously inspect the vehicles delivered by the transporter and check for any technical and other issues. They ought to be very careful with the diagnostic equipment and must ensure that it is used safely and correctly while doing the servicing and repair tasks. Adhering to the employer’s standards of process efficiency is also in the pdi technician job description. 

PDI Technician Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of PDI technicians include filling the vehicle with gas, oil and other fluids at the dealership to inspect the functionality. They have to install the accessories to look for any damages that might have been incurred during delivery. They can be asked to make the customers comprehend the features of a newly purchased vehicle. They need to make sure that all the repair and service tasks are done considering customer satisfaction and delight. They have to keep the keys of the vehicles safely stored in the designated cupboard and keep it locked. The technicians have access to the compound, they need to secure it. 

Skills Required to Build a PDI Technician Career 

Attention to detail is essential for this position, without being meticulous, you will not be able to inspect and identify the parts of the vehicle that need to be repaired. Customer service skills are also needed for the role, a PDI technician has to interact with the customers and take care of their needs and contentment. Time management skills will help you perform the different tasks efficiently. It is important to be good at verbal and written communication for this role. InAutomotive has promising job opportunities by the top employers in the UK! Explore the recently advertised posts to find your dream job!