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Parts Trade Sales Specialists Jobs

£30,000 - £40,000 Cotswold Porsche Specialists Winchcombe, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer
Parts Sales Advisor C&B Recruitment Oldham, Greater Manchester, North West £30,000 - £40,000
Parts Sales Advisor C&B Recruitment Birmingham, West Midlands (County), West Midlands £30,000 - £40,000
Direct Employer Parts Plus Telesales Operative Busseys Norwich, England, United Kingdom
Direct Employer Parts Van Sales/Delivery Driver Thomas Hardie Commercials Limited Lancaster, Lancashire, North West From £21,700
Parts Trade Sales Specialists ACS Automotive Recruitment Norfolk, East, UK £24,000 - £30,000

Frequently asked questions

Automotive parts trade sales specialists handle the selling of specialist car parts, car spares and car accessories. They have to ensure that all the placed orders are delivered according to the promised timelines and customers are offered a gratifying and delightful service experience. They also identify the customer buying and sales trends.

Most employers ask for a strong background in automotive car parts sales/motor factor for vehicle parts trade jobs. Excellent communication and customer service skills are required for the role and knowledge/expertise for advising and selling the car parts is also needed for the position. You need to be computer literate and a team player to do the tasks efficiently.

The average per annum salary for trade parts specialist vacancies varies depending on the factors like the employer and job description. The position is among the well-paid ones in the automotive parts and logistics department and the sales specialists are offered benefits like bonus schemes, training and development opportunities, annual leaves and more.

Currently, there are plenty of job openings for this role and the employment opportunities for parts trade sales specialists are likely to get better in the coming years. There is always a demand for car parts and accessories and gaining training and experience to sell them can turn out to be a lucrative career.

If you have an interest in the trade vehicle parts and are good with pitching products, making sales, and customer service, the job will be gratifying for you. You can gain experience in the field to improve your career prospects. Apply easily to your dream job in the UK’s automotive industry through InAutomotive!


Trade Parts Sales Specialist Job Description

Parts trade sales specialists manage the client’s trade team and assist with the training and development of parts apprentices. They have to contribute their share in the smooth functioning of trade operations to accomplish the short-term and long-term sales targets. They devise strategies for increasing profitability. They also find solutions for the trade customers. They ensure that the orders are processed on automated systems and accurately dispatched to different destinations. The vehicles parts trading jobs include offering customers an efficient service to enhance customer satisfaction and retention rates. The sales specialists can be asked to give suggestions to the buyers about purchasing automotive car parts. 

Trade Parts Sales Specialist Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of parts trade sales specialists include effective selling while maintaining customer service standards. They have to provide plans on how to maximise the profitability of the department. They give the newly hired sales staff tips and tricks on making sales and serving customers. Monitoring the performance of the team and motivating them to achieve their goals is also the responsibility of sales specialists. They have to manage the online sales on eBay and the e-store. They train the staff to maintain a satisfactory level of performance and productivity. They have to analyse the sales and marketing trends to devise strategies for promotion and marketing. 

Skills Required to Build Trade Parts Specialist Careers 

Communication skills are a must for the job as it requires interacting with the sales team, training them, and dealing with the customers. Being good with customer service will help build rapport with the first-time buyers and earn their loyalty. People and project management skills will come in handy for coaching the sales team and ensuring the efficient delivery of vehicle parts to the clients. Problem-solving and critical thinking will make it easy to come up with quick and smart solutions to the issues. Want to know which of the sought-after automotive employers are hiring now? Explore the recently advertised parts & logistics job posts on InAutomotive!