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Showing 3 jobs

Mobile Trailer Mechanic Jobs

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Direct Employer Mobile Technician — Mercedes-Benz Rygor Witney, Oxfordshire, South East
HGV Trailer Technician- Monday - Friday - No Weeke Auto Skills UK London, UK £30,000 - £40,000
Mobile HGV Trailer Technician- Monday - Friday - N Auto Skills UK London, UK £30,000 - £40,000

Frequently asked questions

A mobile trailer mechanic is a technician who does repairs and servicing of different vehicles ranging from the cars to small and large commercial vehicles. In mobile trailer jobs, you also need to go to your client’s place for the repair and maintenance work and conduct mechanical inspection.

Yes, you can earn handsomely in this job if you meet certain criteria such as a good client audience, geographical region, and your experience in the field. The companies that they work for set the price quotes for the customers and the pay scale can also increase upon gaining the experience.

You don’t need a formal education for this job. You only need vocational training in any of the training schools for mobile trailer mechanic jobs. The time duration for the course can vary for different institutes. Ultimately, you’ll learn all the mechanical skills and knowledge required in this profession.

In mobile trailer mechanic jobs, you can earn handsomely and have a promising future. Instead of going to the mechanic’s shop to get the vehicle’s problems fixed, you can simply call and have this mechanic service at your doorstep without any hassle. People also prefer the mobile mechanic services because of the 24/7 availability.

No, there is no formal education requirement for this job. Having an understanding of the vehicle mechanics, diagnosing and repairing the faults is a must. The training course is taught by the expert mechanics who teach all the basics to the newcomers.


Mobile Trailer Mechanic Job Description 

Before applying for the mobile trailer mechanic vacancies, you should have a quick knowledge about the job. The job does not require any formal education or any intensive training. You can get enrolled in a mechanic school after your high school diploma to get all the required skills and knowledge. This makes you eligible to apply for the job. The mobile trailer mechanics are on the go and visit the location provided by the customers to repair the vehicles. Like the mechanics in the workshop, they are technically sound and hold complete knowledge of all the tools and equipment used in the maintenance work. 

Mobile Trailer Mechanic Job Responsibilities 

In mobile trailer mechanic jobs, there are certain responsibilities that you will need to handle. For example, mobile trailer mechanics are responsible for the servicing and repair of different types of vehicles. They fully cooperate with the customers and brief them after completing the repair work. Their job needs them to go to different places of the customers to perform the maintenance activities. They are technically shrewd and have the knack of fixing the vehicles. 

Skills Required For Building Mobile Trailer Mechanic Career 

There are some skills required in mobile trailer mechanic jobs. For example, you should have a good mechanical aptitude and should have a good general health. You should be dexterous with hands-on work of heavy automotive equipment. Your health should also be in a good position. You also need to excel in customer care services. You can check InAutomotive and apply for the latest technicians jobs in the UK.