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£45,000 - £50,000 Marquis Leisure Guildford, Surrey, South East
Direct Employer
Dealership Accountant Pembrook Resourcing LTD Guildford, Surrey, South East £50,000 - £51,000

Frequently asked questions

Just like all the other businesses out there, automotive dealerships also have a department where they keep track of all the money coming in and out. This job is done by a professional dealership accountant who does this job with great precision and accuracy.

A professional dealership accountant is hired by car dealerships for the task of dealing with all the financial issues arising in the company’s account. In dealership accountant jobs, you get to take responsibility for dealing and managing the finances of your automotive company.

In this profession, you can gain huge amounts of money by profiting off of the trade-ins, and selling add-ons. If you manage to arrange highly beneficial car loans, it just goes to add to your profit or commission. Those who possess exceptional analytical skills can avail this opportunity to the fullest.

Yes, being in the car dealership can be one of the highest earning places for you. Dealerships in the automobile industry are financially rewarding niches, where the dealership accountant can expect handsome amounts of money along with the benefits package and commission.

The demand for good dealership accountants has always been present in all the industries, and automobile dealerships are no exception. All you need to do is equip yourself with the ability to process the account details and data. Visit InAutomotive to explore the job opportunities in the UK's auto industry.


Dealership Accountant Job Description 

If you like the job of a dealership accountant and want to make a career out of it, then a quick knowledge about the job’s responsibilities and requirements is very useful to have. The job of an accountant in the automotive dealership industry is very demanding both in its educational requirements, as well as the years of experience needed. Applicants are usually needed to have a bachelor’s degree in management or accounting studies such as finance or accounting. After that, employers prefer a highly skilled aspirant with at least a few years of experience in legally recognised firms. After all these steps, one is qualified for the job of a dealership accountant. 

Dealership Accountant Job Responsibilities 

In the job career of a dealership account, the employee would need to undertake many different tasks at once. For example, a dealership accountant gives monetary data to the board by exploring and dissecting accounting information; getting ready reports. The accountant also gets ready  resource, risk, and capital record sections by aggregating and investigating account data. The dealership accountants record monetary exchanges by entering account data. The employee also suggests monetary activities by breaking down accounting choices. 

Skills Required For Building Dealership Accountant Career

During your career as a dealership accountant, you will need to have certain personal skills and attributes to be qualified for this job. These skills and attributes include many different traits, but the most important thing is quick and sharp cognitive skills coupled with good customer care services. You also need to have a tight grip over asset and time management. A dealership accountant’s career demands good communication and marketing skills. If you have these traits, you are perfectly fit for this job. InAutomotive will provide you with up to date dealership accountant vacancies.