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Frequently asked questions

The customer service drivers have to take customers and employees between dealerships and destinations. They have to welcome the customers that arrive and direct them to the relevant staff. They need to keep the parking lots clean and move the cars in and out when required. Some employers may ask these drivers to drive shuttles as well.

You need to have a valid driver’s licence and must be adept at driving manual and automatic vehicles. For customer service driver jobs at a dealership, you need to know how to greet the customers and treat them in a genial manner. You have to be flexible as there can be tasks other than the ones in the job description.

The average yearly income for customer service driver vacancies differs depending on the factors like the employer, per hour wage, and job responsibilities. The position is among the well-paid ones in the dealership and the top earners make good money. Many automobile companies offer benefits so pursuing your career as a customer service driver is rewarding.

If you want to build your career as a professional driver, this position combines customer service, driving, and other responsibilities that you can enjoy. Besides making good money you will learn how to handle different kinds of customers. Looking for driver jobs in the automotive industry? InAutomotive has the latest advertised posts!

You need to have a valid driver’s licence to be eligible for applying to this job. Experience in the automotive industry or customer service role will give your application an added advantage. There are employment opportunities for this position at the moment and there is a chance for them to get even better in the coming years.


Customer Service Driver Job Description

Customer service drivers have a role that involves providing a delightful service experience to the customers in addition to driving them between dealerships and other locations. They greet the customers and provide them the directions to go to the service advisors and other staff they want to meet. Checking the condition of the vehicles and ensuring they are clean and well-maintained is also in the customer service driver job description. The drivers have to keep the parking places clean and litter-free as well. They can be asked to drive employees to different dealership destinations. Some big automotive companies may require drivers to drive a courtesy shuttle. 

Customer Service Driver Job Responsibilities 

The routine responsibilities of customer service drivers include greeting the customers at a dealership and taking them to the service advisors and other staff they are looking for. They drive the employees and customers to different destinations. They have to make sure that the vehicles are functioning smoothly, they are required to report a mechanical or another issue immediately to have it fixed. Driving the cars in and out of the dealership and parking them safely at the service bays is also the responsibility of customer service drivers. They can be asked to move the unit for creating the displays.

Skills Required to Build Customer Service Driver Careers

You need to have good customer service skills for the role as the job requires interacting with customers. Attention to detail is necessary for driving as you can’t be careless when getting the vehicle parked or during transporting people and goods. Time management will help you with managing the tasks and getting them completed within the defined timeline. Adaptability is required for the position as you can be asked to do things that are not listed in the job description. Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills will help you with doing your work efficiently. Apply easily to your desired dealership job in the automotive industry using InAutomotive!