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Vehicle Painter PK Motors Tunbridge Wells, Kent, South East £25,000 - £35,000

Frequently asked questions

Charging systems engineers are involved in developing and documenting electric vehicle battery charging requirements. They have to design the AC and DC fast charging products that comply with the industry standards. They test the charging equipment and systems and mainly work on making lithium-ion batteries and designing testing stations for electric vehicles.

You need to have an engineering degree in a relevant field like Electrical, Mechanical, or Computer Science to be eligible for applying to charging system engineer jobs. You need to have experience in working with battery-powered systems and recharge station design as well. Familiarity and knowledge pertaining to high voltage electronic charging systems are essential.

The average per annum salary for charging system engineer jobs in the UK varies depending on the factors like the employer, job description, and required experience. Overall, the position is among the well-paid ones in the electric vehicle department and these engineers are offered benefits like a pension plan, performance-related bonus, and more.

If you are pursuing a degree in electrical or similar engineering and are passionate about working with electrical vehicles, you are likely to find the job gratifying. The role requires designing and developing charging products, if that interests you, you will enjoy the work. Take a look at the latest job listings in the UK’s automotive industry on InAutomotive!

The engineers have to be smart planners as most of the tasks involve planning and development. They must be good at communication as it is an essential requirement of the job to coordinate and interact with different teams. Strategic and analytical thinking will help the charging system engineers to propose brilliant ideas and solutions.


Charging Systems Validation Engineer Job Description

Charging systems engineers take part in designing, testing, and manufacturing the batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles. They have to do thorough research on developing lithium-ion batteries that adhere to the industry and quality standards. They also design and test the battery charging stations where the car owners can have their batteries charged. These engineers act as the interface between charger development and vehicle systems teams and make sure that the charger integrations are successful. Performing the hazard analysis is also in the charging system engineer job description. The engineers have to stay updated about the most recent industry regulations that influence the development of charging systems. 

Charging Systems Validation Engineer Job Responsibilities 

The key responsibilities of charging system engineers include planning, developing, and testing electric vehicle battery charging products. While building the AC and DC fast chargers, they have to document the requirements. They make sure that the products designed and manufactured pass the functionality and safety tests and work smoothly in real-world environments. It is also the responsibility of the systems engineers to come up with a comprehensive design verification plan that allows the testing of various methods at different levels. They assist the technicians and manufacturing workers to assemble the batteries and charging stations after the development and testing of designs. 

Skills Required to Build Charging Systems Validation Engineer Careers 

Planning and organisation skills are important for the role as the engineers have to plan the charging products and stations. Being a good organiser will help with prioritising the tasks. Effective communication both verbal and written is required for the job as coordinating within and outside the team is essential for getting the work completed efficiently and on time. Critical and analytical thinking will come in handy for coming up with quick solutions to problems and proposing new ideas. Project management skills are also needed. Want to know which of the sought-after UK automotive employers are hiring now? Explore InAutomotive!