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Showing 3 jobs

Bodyshop Prepper Jobs

Bodyshop Prepper Igloo Doncaster, South Yorkshire, Yorkshire From £35,360
Bodyshop Prepper Igloo Grimsby, Lincolnshire, East Midlands £27,283 - £33,580
Bodyshop Prepper ACS Automotive Surrey, South East, UK £25,000 - £30,000

Frequently asked questions

Bodyshop preppers prep vehicles before getting them painted. They do the sanding and masking tasks along with small repairs and filler work. Their job also involves examining the finished vehicles meticulously to make sure that no defects are there and the finishing looks great. They are required to perform all the work adhering to safety standards and regulations.

Good knowledge of vehicle repair techniques and vehicle prepping experience is required by most employers for bodyshop prepper jobs. A keen eye for detail and the ability to work in a team and on your own are also important for the role. You need to be well-acquainted with the safety regulations and must have a UK or EU driving licence.

The average per hour and year salary for bodyshop prepper vacancies differ depending on the factors like the employer, working hours, and job responsibilities. Overall, the job is among the well-paid ones in the bodyshop department and you can earn more as you gain experience and work with a bigger company.

If you have the enthusiasm to do the sanding, masking, and filler work on the vehicles you will find the body shop prepper job to be satisfying. The working conditions and tasks can be stressful at times for the preppers but if you have the ability to handle pressure, you can excel in this position without feeling burnt out.

Currently, there are plenty of job opportunities for bodyshop preppers and these are likely to increase in the coming years. If you are a skilled and experienced prepper, getting recruited for a full-time or temporary position will not be difficult for you. Explore job listings by the popular UK automotive employers on InAutomotive!


Bodyshop Prepper Job Description

Bodyshop preppers prepare the vehicles prior to repair work. They have to carefully calculate and examine the extent of damage done to vehicles to perform the different tasks precisely and efficiently. They do the sanding, masking, and finest of filler work ensuring the car or truck is ready for paint and repair. Adhering to the safety and quality standards of an accident repair centre is also in the bodyshop prepper job description. The bodyshop preppers have to make certain that all the prep work is done according to the defined deadlines. They can be asked to put in extra hours for the completion of tasks. 

Bodyshop Prepper Job Responsibilities 

The responsibilities of bodyshop preppers include getting the vehicles prepped up before they are sent for paint and repair. They inspect the damages incurred to the cars and do the sanding and masking over the parts. They have to ensure that the prep of vehicles is done in accordance with the timelines shared and safety/quality standards are strictly followed. They have to work following the manufacturer’s specifications or preparation instructions. Working on their own or in teams the bodyshop preppers need to perform the tasks keeping in account meticulous details and precision to make work for the paint and repair teams easier. 

Skills Required to Build Bodyshop Prepper Careers 

Attention to detail and passion for bodyshop prepping work is essential for this position. You need to have a professional attitude and manual dexterity as well to fit in the role. Time management skills will help you with completing the tasks on time. Organisation skills will come in handy to manage the work astutely. If you are a team player and can coordinate and collaborate with people effortlessly, you will be able to do the work as a body shop prepper proficiently. Being a problem solver will aid you in quickly resolving issues. Searching for bodyshop job opportunities in the UK? InAutomotive has positions advertised by all kinds of employers!