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£45,000 - £50,000 Marquis Leisure Guildford, Surrey, South East
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Coachbuilder Welder Fabrictor Auto Skills UK Greater Manchester, North West, UK £30,000 - £40,000

Frequently asked questions

Body structures engineers are involved in designing, developing and testing body structure components for automotive and motorsport programmes. They provide detailed guidelines and technical assistance to the new or less experienced designers to accomplish holistic design solutions. They also lead the part development processes with the suppliers along with estimating and managing the cost.

Most employers ask for a bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and expertise in CATIA or 3D CAD software for body structures engineer jobs. You need to have relevant experience of more than five years for a senior position. You ought to be good at proposing and analysing different design solutions and must be a critical thinker and a team player.

The average per annum salary for body structures engineer jobs in uk varies depending on the factors like the employer, experience required and job responsibilities. Overall, these engineers make good money and are offered rewards and benefits like company car programmes, medical insurance, remote work opportunities, product programmes within the company and performance bonuses.

If you have an interest in designing and developing body structure components and commodities for automobiles and motorsports, you are likely to enjoy your work as a body structures engineer. Apart from job satisfaction, you can make good money and as you gain experience the salary and perks for the role get even more promising.

Currently, there are vacancies being offered to body structures engineers by renowned automotive employers. With the fast pace of industry growth and innovation, the employment opportunities for this role are likely to increase in the future. For easy search and apply to your desired job in the UK’s automotive industry, try InAutomotive!


Body Structures Engineer Job Description

Body structures engineers coordinate with cross-functional teams to develop automotive body structures and components. They have to ensure that the design department comes up with solutions that are according to customer expectations or better than them. They have to focus on the factors like manufacturing, profitability, marketability and vehicle performance when doing the design, development and testing tasks. They are required to do all the structural designing and styling of the floor, bumper areas and engine compartment. Doing research on futuristic vehicle designing and developing applications can also be in the body structures engineer job description. The senior engineers have to mentor and give direction to designers. 

Body Structures Engineer Job Responsibilities

The routine responsibilities of body structures engineers include determining schedules, deliverables and priorities for the design team. They have to give guidance and technical assistance to designers that have just joined or don’t have much experience. They are required to coordinate with the test department, styling studio and suppliers. Working with the suppliers they have to set and brief the design targets and make certain that the required outcomes are achieved. They have to handle and estimate the costing and weight of the parts and get the most cost-effective quote by comparing the pricing of best-reviewed suppliers. They can be asked to get structure design feedback from customers. 

Skills Required to Build Body Structures Engineer Careers

The skills to analyse the design solutions and knowing how to go about balancing the conflicting objectives astutely and optimally are required for the role. You need to have the technical acumen to fit in the role. If you are a critical and analytical thinker, getting the work done will become simpler. Team effort is important for the structures designing and engineering tasks, so you have to be a team player. Attention to detail will help you with analysing the designs meticulously and improving the solutions. Problem-solving skills will come in handy for handling issues and quickly resolving them. Explore the engineering jobs in the automotive industry on InAutomotive!