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£45,000 - £50,000 Marquis Leisure Guildford, Surrey, South East
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Direct Employer Auction Assistant Aston Barclay United Kingdom Upto £1
Direct Employer Group Auctioneer Aston Barclay United Kingdom

Frequently asked questions

Auto auctions use the auction system for selling different kinds of vehicles. Car dealer groups leverage the auto auctions to sell the excess stock. In the United Kingdom, auctions are used by the local and central government, car dealerships, private sellers, and banks. The most specialised form of auto auction is the dealer auto auction.

The different vehicle auction jobs include technicians, credit controllers, auction supervisors, information security analysts, car polishers, sales negotiators, sales executives, transport drivers, yard operatives, financial assistants, account directors, vehicle inspectors, pricing and performance managers, vehicle data administrators, and more. Each kind of position requires varying qualifications, experience, and other eligibility criteria.

The average monthly and yearly income for different auto auction jobs varies depending on the area of expertise, kind of position, job responsibilities, employer, and other factors. Workers in the financial and sales department earn more than the ones associated with driving and other roles. Overall, the car auction jobs pay well in the UK.

You can make a brilliant career getting employed in the different areas of vehicle auction. You can work in financial, vehicle inspection, management, operations, or data analysis. Having extensive knowledge and interest in the auction process is mandatory for excelling in a position. Explore the roles with better career progression opportunities to find your forte.

The job can be challenging for many roles like financial assistants, vehicle inspectors, and technicians that have to work on severely damaged cars. Automotive industry employers recruit candidates with the ability to handle stressful situations. Apply to your preferred position in the auto auction without filling in complex forms on InAutomotive!


What are Auto Auction Jobs Like 

The auction jobs in the automotive industry range from technicians to credit controllers, drivers, sales assistants/executives/managers to heads of fleet and auction purchasing. There are positions for transport and yard drivers. The vehicle inspectors are also recruited by the car dealers. Administrative and operative personnel is an integral part of the auctions. There are  IT, data analysis, billing, and finance assistant jobs. Having a valid driving licence is mandatory for the drivers that are recruited for the auctions. Auction administrators and operators are required to be well-acquainted with the auction’s standard operating procedures. To apply for financial jobs the candidates must have experience of working in automotive finance. 

Auto Auction Jobs’ Responsibilities 

The technicians estimate the extent of damage done to the mechanical and electrical components and repair/replace the parts according to the quality standards. The drivers are responsible for the collection and delivery of the vehicles across various auction sites. The credit controllers make sure that invoices are paid according to the terms and queries/disputes are managed in an efficient manner. Auction administrators have to administer the sales of the vehicles for auction days. The sales negotiators reach out to the existing and prospective clients and persuade them into listing their vehicles in the auction. Account directors manage the key clients and strengthen relationships with them. 

Skills Required to Build Car Auction Careers 

Stellar communication skills are needed for all the vehicle auction jobs as interacting with the team members, clients, and other people is an essential part of the routine work. The technicians are required to have an eye for detail and organisation skills to meticulously repair and replace the parts within the given timelines. Sales and account managers must have customer service, negotiation, and people skills to reach out to customers in a genial manner. The administrators ought to have excellent administrative and task/time management skills. Searching for a job in the UK’s automotive industry? Browse the latest listings by top employers on InAutomotive!