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Assistant Bodyshop Manager Jobs

Assistant Bodyshop Manager Ingenia Recruitment Hartlepool, County Durham, North East £32,000 - £35,000

Frequently asked questions

All body shop employees are hired, trained, motivated, and the assistant body shop manager monitors their performance. They prepare and manage the body shop's annual operating budget. All body shop staff are directed and scheduled by this person. The assistant bodyshop manager ensures good working relationships with insurance adjusters are established and maintained.

Many body shop assistant managers have specific skills that enable them to fulfil their duties and responsibilities. Dexterity, math skills, and mechanical skills are frequently required by employers. They also need to be good at processing the data, using computer softwares and documenting the status of deals with the customers.

If you want to work as a body shop assistant manager, you should think about how much schooling you will need. Getting a degree is not a necessity. However, you can do short courses as well as the apprenticeships that equip you with the important skills and industry knowledge.

There is a lot more than what meets the eye if you are talking about a body shop manager or assistant manager. In the upcoming years, the career is predicted to grow exponentially with a significant number of assistant body shop manager openings across the UK.

The assistant bodyshop managers need to be good at communicating with the customers and addressing their queries. The ability to decipher a range of written, oral, diagrammatic, or timetable instructions is needed. The ability to define issues, collect data, establish facts and form sound judgments is also demanded.


Assistant Body Shop Manager Job Description

It is part of an assistant body shop manager job to ensure a sufficient sales volume. These assistants develop business through insurance adjusters, clients, and other sources. They also maintain an acceptable department operating profit while limiting spending and maintaining customer satisfaction requirements. In addition, these body shop assistants direct the actions of body shop staff in executing body repairs, including adhering to time schedules, productivity levels, and quality standards. They set departmental goals and objectives and work to achieve them. In addition, these managers also hire, train, motivate and oversee all body shop employees' performance. The assistant body shop manager job description states that they also prepare and manage its annual operational budget.

Assistant Body Shop Manager Job Responsibilities

As an assistant body shop manager, you direct and schedule all bodyshop employees' work. You also develop and maintain positive working relationships with adjusters. These managers build and maintain positive customer connections to drive recurring and referral business. Implementing an aggressive marketing strategy to boost body shop sales is their job. They also keep track of technicians' daily productivity reports and payroll data. Providing accurate cost and time estimates for bodywork is also their responsibility. Following up on orders from the parts department to ensure that parts are available is part of their job. These managers are also responsible for keeping track of the progress and completion of vehicle maintenance work in the shop.

Skills Required to Build An Assistant Body Shop Manager Career

The employer highly demands customer handling and services skills. Although soft skills like dexterity and numeracy skills are also significant, they have emphasised customer service. Other required skills include dealership, punctuality, problem-solving, time management and flexibility. The assistant bodyshop managers are good at handling the numbers and also know how to conduct the audit of a bodyshop outlet. Go to InAutomotive and find out the newly posted bodyshop vacancies in the UK.