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Showing 3 Accounts / Finance job(s) in Leicester
Showing 3 job(s) in Leicester

Accounts / Finance Jobs

Assistant Accountant Holt Automotive Recruitment Ltd Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands £25,000 - £30,000 Less than 1 mile away
Assistant Accountant Theo Jones Recruitment Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands £25,000 - £30,000 Less than 1 mile away
Accounts Assistant (V1001) Veritas Careers Leicester, Leicestershire, East Midlands Less than 1 mile away

Frequently asked questions

Having an accounting or finance degree in the UK has promising prospects because of the country’s strong and blooming financial industry. So, pursuing your career in accounting or finance will ensure a stable future and professional development opportunities. There are various sectors that you can work in as an accountant or financial expert.

There are different accounting and finance degrees, courses, and certifications offered by various institutions. You need to choose a programme that matches your interest and helps you with securing an apprenticeship in accounting or finance. After gaining experience, you will be eligible for applying to accounts and finance jobs in different industries.

The most sought-after finance positions in the UK are financial analysts, accountants, investment bankers, financial auditors, payroll outsourcers, and insurance-related roles. The demand for different jobs can vary from industry to industry though but overall, these positions top the list. However, the pay scale and eligibility criteria for these roles differ depending on the kind of job.

Some of the automotive finance jobs include car finance specialists, accountants, car finance brokers, credit strategy analysts, and asset collection agents. Some senior management jobs are heads of motor finance and motor finance partnership directors. All these positions require a thorough understanding of motor finance dynamics and strong interpersonal skills.

You can make a lucrative career working in automotive finance if you have a passion to improve your experience and skills. Most of the auto finance jobs like analysts, brokers, and finance managers have promising professional progression prospects. Sign into InAutomotive for getting job alerts regarding your area of interest in the automotive industry!


What are Car Finance Jobs Like 

The auto finance jobs range from car finance specialists to credit strategy analysts, credit data scientists, and car finance brokers. To work as a finance specialist the candidates need to have a relevant degree, knowledge, and experience of car finance and the ability to walk the customers through the buying process. To work as a car finance broker, experience and skills to pitch loan comparison services are essential. Credit analysts need to have a degree in a quantitative subject and should know how to develop credit decision strategies. Credit data scientists are required to have a degree in a relevant discipline along with programming and analytical techniques application experience. 

Car Finance Jobs’ Responsibilities 

Credit strategy analysts use statistical analysis methodologies to devise and deploy credit decision strategies and processes. Car finance specialists work towards achieving the sales targets by providing gratifying assistance to the customers. Car financial crimes managers develop and grow a highly-functional team of AML analysts. They improve fraud analysis models to make the identification of suspicious activity and fraud simple and more effective. Accountants reconcile the balance sheets, handle the monthly accounts management and assist with budgeting.  Data credit scientists derive insight from the customer data and credit department to use them in developing plans and ensuring that they are effectively executed. 

Skills Required to Build Auto Finance Careers 

Excellent communication skills are essential for automotive finance jobs. Analysts are required to have an inquisitive attitude, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills to come up with well-thought-out solutions to the most complex of issues. Financial specialists need to have interpersonal skills to interact with the customers and guide them in a genial manner. Organisation skills and attention to detail are a must-have for accounts and finance roles. Willingness to learn, adapt and work under pressure is important to work in the automotive finance industry. Create a quick professional profile on InAutomotive and start applying to the jobs matching your expertise and experience!